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Removable Wallpaper

Customize designer patterns to meet your personal décor tastes. Easily edit the color and size of designs. Our easy-to-hang, removable wallpaper allows you to express yourself in countless different ways. It's the perfect choice for apartments or dorms and other walls where you need a wall covering that is easy to remove.

Prices start at just $37.99

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About Removable Wallpaper

Our removable wallpaper makes it easier than ever to change your space. It’s easy to hang and allows you to completely transform a room in a matter of minutes. Printed on high quality adhesive paper, you can quickly install your wallpaper by peeling off the paper backing and smoothing it onto your wall. Just be sure to line up each of your 24”x48” panels as you go along.

Each design we offer can be customized in both its scale and color scheme to match your personal décor style, or you can simply stick with the design as is. Each pattern repeats two to three times throughout each panel and we highly recommend ordering an extra panel or two in the event of any mishaps during installation.