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The Maryland International Day School (MIDS) was created to fill an unmet need in Prince George’s County for children, pre-K through 8th grades, to obtain early foreign language learning in a stimulating academic environment. Founded in 2001, MIDS continues to evolve into a treasured resource and community asset. MIDS is not just a school, but a learning community. The school is intended to meet the educational needs of families who live in the community, and are seeking an academically rigorous international education for their children in the community where they live. From the beginning, the vision of MIDS was clear. Informed by scientific research on the capacity of the human brain to acquire multiple languages - especially in the early years - and on models of proven success, MIDS founders envisioned a school where students completing the program would be proficient in at least two languages. The school established a challenging and comprehensive curriculum based on a synthesis of the best practices from a range of national systems, and international schools. The mission of MIDS informs our actions and shapes our expectations. While academic excellence across curricula resides at the center of school life, the integrated role of the arts, sciences, humanities, language learning and life skills are within a tight orbit. Our teaching and learning practices focus on helping young students make connections within themes, units of study and across academic disciplines. MIDS is one the few schools in the United States to implement a full Spanish-Immersion language program to primary English-Speakers. The MIDS learning experience is unique and very special. Our students learning results continue to soar well beyond our doors. I invite you to visit us and learn more about how we are preparing tomorrow's ambassadors, today.

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