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Partners for Youth (PFY) has been a Durham staple since 1998. Created in response to a surveys distributed to the West End community on behalf of the Duke-Durham Neighborhood Alliance, PFY serves youth who come from low income homes or are first generation immigrants who clearly state that they want to graduate from high school and enroll in college but know they need additional support to achieve their goals. PFY accepts students as early as 8th grade and helps move them through the transition into high school (9th grade success is the primary predictor of drop-out potential) and then again into college (US students of color have the highest college drop-out rate in the industrial world). Our model is simple, effective and research driven. In order to move these Durham youth out of the poverty cycle, we provide them with 360° of support: The COMMUNITY BASED MENTOR offers a multi-year relationship that provides a safe adult to help families and youth navigate the tumultuous adolescent years (studies show that a supportive adult mentor is the #1 reason youth overcome obstacles). The SCHOOL BASED MENTOR helps monitor the youth at school, encouraging them to enroll in challenging courses and take advantage of opportunities that will enrich their college applications. JOB BASED MENTORS oversee the summer employment piece and provide work skills and ethics training to make our youth competitive in the future job market. COLLEGE TUTORS (from Duke University) provide academic support in our students' challenging courses while exposing them to a college campus environment twice a week throughout the school year. PFY staff supplements these activities by coordinating volunteer opportunities, college visits and job explorations to increase students' career knowledge. We have a Youth Advisory Board that works in conjunction with our own Board of Directors to manage finances, create programming and identify cultural activities throughout the Raleigh- Durham region to enrich students' lives. Our model has proven successful- 94% of students have graduated from high school and 89% have gone onto college. Our youth abstain from risky behaviors such as drugs and alcohol, early pregnancies, gang and court involvement. Most impressively, they come back to the program to lift up younger students by becoming mentors, Board members and providing job site and college tours.

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