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Custom Photo Leather Wrapped Prints

Your photo on beautiful leather wall art.

Bring home the luxurious look of leather with Leather Wrapped Prints. Have your favorite photos printed on leather for a rustic modern look. Each print featuring your beloved photos is stretched around a solid frame, giving it the elegant look of a museum quality piece but with the smooth and rich texture of fine leather. The solid construction of the frame prevents the leather from stretching or sagging over time, making your memories last even longer.

  • Leather Wrapped Prints are available in 3 convenient sizes to fit any space.
  • Each Leather Wrapped Print is 1.25” thick and arrives ready to hang.
  • Your print won’t stretch or sag over time due to its solid frame construction. 
  • The texture of leather used to create each Leather Wrapped Print gives any photo a more upscale appearance.

Available Styles/Sizes

16x16 Leather Wrapped Print was $164.00 $139.00 Get Started
16x20 Leather Wrapped Print was $187.00 $158.00 Get Started
16x24 Leather Wrapped Print was $215.00 $182.00 Get Started

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