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How to Take the Best Family Photos - Like a Pro!

Here are some ideas that will help you take the best family photos - like a pro, but without going pro! You’ve got this.

How to Take the Best Family Photos - Like a Pro! article hero

Have you been thinking about ditching this year's family photo shoot? Before you do that, read this and people will soon ask, “Who took your incredible family photos?” The answer is you. If you want to learn how to take authentic and fun family photos yourself, there are a few tricks you should know.

Here are some ideas that will help you take the best family photos - like a pro, but without going pro! You’ve got this.

Stay Indoors

Mom posing for an at home photoshoot with her two adorable daughters

Nobody feels more comfortable than they do in the privacy of their own home. If you want to capture the essence of your relationship as a couple or a family, what better way to do that than by taking photos where you feel most comfortable letting loose and having some fun with your pictures?! This could look like having a laugh and a cuddle on the couch, playing in the garden, or simply interacting in any area of your home where your family enjoys time together. For couples, this is an opportunity for you to capture the intimacy you share in your relationship. For families, this is an excellent opportunity to let each member's individual personality shine. Get creative by incorporating unique elements of your space or using furniture creatively as props.

One, Two, Three, Jump!

Three women jumping in mid-pose for a photoshoot at a balloon festival

Even though this can be a difficult pose to nail, a jump pose can be a fun and dynamic way to express your family's creative energy. You'll have to have some patience with this pose, and it might not be suitable for families with small children or toddlers as it does require some collaboration, timing, and precision. In fact, the best way to capture this picture is with a video you can grab a still from.

There are plenty of ways to get a unique shot like this. You can use a trampoline to gain more height or have everyone jump off something like a rock, step, or wall that will help give you elevation over the camera (just make sure everyone is being safe). Another trick to capturing the perfect jump shot is to keep the camera low and close. The lower and closer the camera is positioned, the higher you appear to have jumped in your picture. No need to be an NBA player to get this shot!

Try Creating Candid Poses

A father caught in a candid photoshoot moment while holding his two kids

The best way to capture your family's true beauty and essence is with candid shots. Honestly, they beat a formal posed photo any day! They can be tricky to capture as many people tense up in front of the camera and have a hard time looking natural. A successful candid pose really relies on the photographer's ability to make you forget the camera exists. You can make your family feel more at ease and relaxed by distracting their minds with conversation. Maybe tell a hilarious joke, allowing you to capture the moment the punchline hits. Or, for a more emotional reaction in your shots, gather together in a cuddle puddle and tell a happy and heartwarming story about when you met as a couple or how your children were born, then start snapping and watch the raw emotion happen. Candid's are an excellent opportunity to incorporate their adorable antics if you have family pets.

Keep it Simple

A family standing closely posed in a group photoshoot at the beach

There's nothing wrong with usual stand side-by-side with kids up front type of photo! It works particularly great with vertical sized prints. But if you're wanting something a bit more contemporary styled there are ways to take that typical pose outside the box and create some intimate moments. Rather than positioning the parents behind the children facing them forward with arms stiffly at their sides, try having the parents crouch down to the kids' level for the shot, get everyone to lean against something like a fence or wall, or even get them to hug and interact with one another. This creates a sense of unity, togetherness, and family intimacy that will shine through when looking back at the photos.

Be a Bit Quirky

Family facing each other enjoying a funny pose for an outdoor photoshoot

Every family has unique quirks that, when incorporated into the family photography session, add a lot of the individual personality to the shots. If you are a family who loves superheroes and want to include some superhero poses into your repertoire. Do it! Or maybe your family is not the typical family portrait kind of family, and you want more of an awkward family photo vibe. Embrace the idiosyncrasies that are unique to you, and not only will you have a blast snapping the photos, but the picture will be the most fun for you to view afterward.

Strolling Towards the Camera

Family walking towards the camera as a pose for an outdoor photoshoot

Probably the simplest way to get natural-looking shots from your family photography session is with the stroll pose. There are so many ways you can use this pose to capture your family's connection. Have your family walk toward the camera as you would on a regular walk or hike. Hold hands, piggyback one another, have the kids run ahead, joke, laugh, play, and talk. This is another excellent pose to use if you are incorporating your furry family members in the photographs. You can even capture some stunning shots of your family walking away from the camera.

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