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Personalized Word Art for Home Décor

They say a picture can paint a thousand words, but sometimes a few simple words can paint a picture more vibrant and soul-stirring than a Rembrandt masterpiece...

Personalized Word Art for Home Décor article hero

They say a picture can paint a thousand words, but sometimes a few simple words can paint a picture more vibrant and soul-stirring than a Rembrandt masterpiece – especially when those words are beautifully immortalized on a personalized word art canvas for your home.

What Makes Personalized Word Art So Special?

Words and sayings are personal. Be it your wedding vows, a family motto, or an inspiring line from your favorite book, poem or song, personalized word art captures memories and emotions in ways that visual art simply cannot.

Word art can be uplifting, quirky, cheeky or fun. It can express love, happiness, comfort or intimacy. It can mark a special date, like an anniversary or a birthday, or commemorate a special place, such as where your children were born or where you went for your honeymoon – and your choice of styles, colors, frames and canvasses are endless.

Our homes are a reflection of ourselves – and a personalized word art canvas in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, hall or bathroom is a combined visual and textual expression of who you are and what you hold dear.

What Makes a Personalized Word Art Canvas a Good Choice for Your Home?

There are so many reasons.

Word art is personal. The words you choose say something about you. You can always find a quote that suits your personality – whether it be funny, cheeky, sentimental or inspirational.

Personalized word art is also a great way to add visual impact to your home’s interior design. You can frame the artwork, have it on canvas, make it large, small, choose elegant fonts to suit your style, incorporate color to brighten up the room – all while the words bring smiles to faces and provide joyful experiences to all who read them.

If you’re not an art fan, a word art canvas is also a great way to fill your walls without having to worry about finding a landscape or abstract painting you actually like.

Word art canvases are also inexpensive – and make a perfect, personalized gift for someone special.

Custom Word Art Ideas

There are endless opportunities to incorporate personalized word art into your home’s interior design.

Here are a few custom word art ideas to inspire you.

A monogram canvas print and two photo canvas prints hanging over a crib in a nursery


Ideal for a bedroom or to add some love and style to the family photo wall, monograms are simple, neat, elegant and effective, and can be easily customized to suit all tastes and color schemes.

Kitchen Humor

With fruits and vegetables and tins and packets of tastiness, the kitchen is often the most colorful room in the house. Celebrate that joy with some fun and creative word art – and who doesn’t love a good pun-chline?

A handwritten note enlarged and print on canvas above a desk

A Handwritten Note

Elegant without being overly fussy, a special handwritten note on a custom word art canvas is a perfect addition to any room, and can be easily modified to include any message or inspiring quote. If you already have a cherished note, consider scanning it to create a custom photo canvas for that extra special look.

Custom Family rules printed on a canvas print alongside photos of children

House Rules

Perfect for the hallway – write your rules with love or laughter, reminding everyone to respect themselves and other family members in the home you all share.

A canvas print of special dates and two photo canvas prints hanging over a sofa in a living room

Special Dates

Tell that someone special you love them by commemorating your special dates. Perfect as a gift to be hung in the bedroom or living room.

Man Cave

While a man’s better half might have the last word over interior design choices in the rest of the house, the man cave is his own. Be it the garage, shed, basement, home office, media room, or home studio, if your house has a man cave, a personalized word art canvas could be the perfect addition.

Discover More at CanvasOnDemand

Personalized word art is a fantastic way to express yourself and your style, no matter if you’re adding some color to plain room, celebrating your family, or completely redesigning your home.

Browse for more custom word art ideas – all can be personalized with names, dates, and places to make the art your own.

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