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Our Best Family Photo Wall Décor Ideas

You can add little touches here or there, but for a visually striking display, an entire family wall is a décor idea that's definitely worth pursuing.

Our Best Family Photo Wall Décor Ideas article hero

Has your home been feeling drab and lifeless lately? A great way to add more visual interest and make yourself feel more at home is to add photos and other wall art that features your family and friends. You can add little touches here or there, but for a visually striking display, an entire family wall is a décor idea that's definitely worth pursuing.

When faced with a blank wall and decades of family photos, it's easy to get overwhelmed. However, once you've got a design idea in mind, it's easy to print gorgeous photos with services like Canvas on Demand.

Today, we're here to talk about some unique ways you can create a family wall with art, photos, and more.

5 Great Ideas for Gorgeous Family Wall Art

Instead of just printing off photos randomly, it's a good idea to make a plan for your family wall décor.

Start with a sketch, and draw out a rough idea for placement using the furniture and art that's already in the room you want to decorate. Once you've got a rough idea of what you want to do, you can plan what photos and art you want to add, then get them printed to the correct size. Once that's over, hanging the photos is the easiest part!

As you contemplate the design of your very own family art and photo wall, here's some inspiration that will help you get started.

Family photos arranged in a square display above a velvet couch

1. Match Your Frames

A classic family gallery wall will use matching frames, and photos that are all printed in the same color scheme with the same photo finish. A classic gallery wall is hung in a strict grid pattern, which gives viewers the chance to look beyond the frames and really see the images within. Black and white frames are both equally traditional and offer different looks depending on the color of your walls.

Black and white photography mixed with brightly colored prints in a living area

2. Alternate Black and White with Color Images

Creating a symmetrical display using alternating black and white and color photos is a great way to create visual interest while maintaining a traditional layout. When the photos are the same dimension and shape, it makes the colors really pop.

a grid of black and white family photos

3. Use Tons of Small, Matching Frames to Create Organized Chaos

Using dozens of small, matching frames is great when you've got older 4x6 photos that you want to display. When they're displayed solo, it's easy to lose sight of these smaller framed images. To avoid that, group as many together as possible, using frames in a matching color to bring order to the chaos.

a wedding photo glued into an old circular wooden frame

4. Use Reclaimed Objects as Frames

To add in design elements that are unique to you, get creative with the frames you use for photos, art, and other prints. Reclaimed wood frames, small glass windows, or circular frames all make great additions to any gallery wall. You may need to play around with your layout if you're using non-standard size frames, so try this tip: arrange your frames on a big piece of kraft paper, then trace and label them so the paper can serve as a guide for hanging.

multiple photo to canvas prints forming a gallery wall above a table and plants

If you want to mimic the look of a real art gallery, skip the frames all together and print your photos on canvas. It's a great way to capture all the vibrant colors and crisp details that might be lost behind a frame.

The canvases from Canvas on Demand are available in a wide variety of sizes and are durable real wood construction so they're ready to hang as soon as they arrive. Shop online today to get inspiration for your next family wall art project.

Since 2003, Canvas On Demand has been crafting affordable, high quality, personalized home goods that celebrate life's moments, both big and small, through the permanence of print.

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