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Canvas On Demand has been creating canvas artwork since 2002, and has printed hundreds of thousands of canvases for satisfied customers worldwide. We make affordable wall art, photo gifts, home decor items, and much more.

Types of Canvas Artwork Offered by Canvas On Demand

Canvas On Demand offers a variety of canvas artwork, including photo-to-canvas art, traditional canvas art, Premium Gallery Wraps, Tabletop Canvases, and even canvases you can color. Not sure if you can pick just one? That’s okay. Our canvases look great in groups.

Premium Gallery Wraps

Premium Gallery Wraps are one of our newest innovations that you won’t find anywhere else. Available in a select variety of our most popular sizes, Premium Gallery Wraps are lightweight and finished with a sturdy black mat board backing that prevents warping over time. Premium Gallery Wrap canvas artwork can be made using your photos or one of our exclusive designs, including Coloring Canvas.

Tabletop Canvas Prints

Want some decor but can’t hang anything on the walls? Opt for our Tabletop Canvases. Tabletop Canvases are perfect for styling desks, bookshelves, photo ledges, dressers, and other smooth surfaces where you need some art. Have your photos printed on a Tabletop Canvas or select from our canvas art prints. Better yet-pair multiple Tabletop Canvases in varying sizes for the ultimate layered look. We offer Flat Tabletop Canvases and Premium Tabletop Canvas Wraps

Coloring Canvas Prints

Coloring Canvas Prints let you create a personalized, one-of-a-kind piece of canvas art. These canvas artworks make amazing gifts for children, are great to keep at your desk to color on as a stress reliever, and make great wall art once they’re colored. We recommend using permanent markers for the best results. Coloring Canvases are printed on our sturdy Premium Gallery Wrap canvases or our Tabletop Canvases, which provide a dent-proof surface for coloring.

Canvas Art Ideas

Canvas artwork is an essential part of your home or business’s decor. If you’re considering things to have printed on canvas but need some inspiration, we’ve rounded up a few photo-to-canvas art ideas that make stunning and classic decor:

  • Family photos
  • Travel pictures
  • Pet photos
  • Graduation pictures
  • Wedding photos
  • Event images
  • Bridal portraits
  • Site photos (for businesses)
  • Staff pictures

Canvas On Demand can print nearly any image you like on canvas, including things that aren’t photos. Check out a few creative canvas art ideas you can hang on your walls that aren’t photos:

  • Old notes or love letters from your spouse can be scanned in and turned into wall art that’s sentimental, stylish, and completely unique.
  • Children’s art is adorable but it can take up a lot of storage space. Take photos of all those precious pieces and turn them into canvas artwork you can proudly display...and so you can finally have your closets back!
  • Collections of things that are simply too large to display or which you no longer have space for make unusual and stylish wall art. For renters or people who live in small spaces, having enough space to either display or store your collections of things can be a burden. Turn photos of your collections into oversized wall art that’s easier to hang and even easier to move to your next home or apartment!
  • Recipes you often use or want to commemorate can turned into canvas artwork to display in the kitchen. The kitchen is often overlooked when it comes to hanging canvas art, but turning your recipe into wall decor can make your kitchen look its best while helping you prepare your next meal!

How to Order Canvas Art

Ordering discount canvas art prints is easier than ever before. Simply visit our homepage, select the option to order canvas, and you’ll be guided through the order process from there.

The beauty of canvas art is that it’s totally versatile and can be customized to fit your personal style and existing decor. In addition to offering a variety of sizes and canvas types, Canvas On Demand also offers numerous framing options for our Traditional Gallery Wraps to ensure your canvas art prints look their best. From a classic gold frame to a contemporary standard black frame, we offer an option to make your canvas pop. Whether you get a single canvas or an entire wall full, we’ve got a frame that’ll look just right with your image or selected canvas art print. You can select from framing options and additional services when placing your order.

If you have a discount code to use, enter it in the promo code box on the order form at checkout. After you submit your order, you’ll receive an email from Canvas On Demand confirming your canvas art order. You’ll receive another email with a tracking number when your order ships.

Museum Style Gallery Wrapped Canvas

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Emmett from St. Louis

So far very favorable. The result of my 40x13 print was, to say the least, STUNNING. I normally would not trust a large format print to a first time vendor but your coupon hit at the right time with what I now see as an EXCELLENT value. I'll use you again.

Steven from

They were very attentive to my request and my attention to detail. The turnaround was pretty incredible. It felt like I didn't wait very long at all for my order to be printed and shipped. The canvas looks amazing!

Jon from

All of my experiences with Canvas On Demand have been positive. Their customer service is outstanding and they always respond promptly to my queries.

John from Ooltewah

The service was very prompt, the customer service representative I dealt with very professional, and the quality of the print was unbeatable. I have purchased other canvas prints, from other companies, but never have received a print of this quality. The built quality of the frame and the hanging system was really terrific! I can't say enough good things about Canvas on Demand

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