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Five Photo Ideas for Spring

Bring spring’s vibrancy home with photos of blossoms and landscapes, plus custom word art. Refresh your space with canvas prints that evoke cherished memories.

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Spring is in full swing, and it's the perfect time to infuse your home with a fresh and vibrant atmosphere. One delightful way to achieve this is by using captivating photographs that capture the essence of the season. Let the charm of spring rejuvenate your home with these inspiring photo ideas.

A simple and rustic wooden table sits in front of a wall, which displays three canvas prints of color and bright spring flowers.

1. Flower Close Ups

Floral pictures are perfect for spring. They add a fresh and vibrant touch to any room. Simply take a picture of your favorite flower with your cell phone, from delicate to bold blossoms. Taking good photos of flowers requires attention to detail and some basic techniques. Ensure that the flower is well-lit by shooting in natural light or using a flash sparingly. Find an interesting angle or perspective that highlights the flower's unique features. Get closer to capture intricate details, but make sure the focus is sharp. Consider using portrait mode or macro mode to create a pleasing depth of field. Be sure to take multiple shots to pick from.

A canvas print of a scenic pasture hangs on a wall in a bohemian and simplistic living room

2. Scenic Landscapes

Landscapes have the power to evoke a sense of tranquility and serenity within our homes. Spring and summer seasons present a wonderful opportunity to infuse the vibrant essence of the outdoors into our indoor spaces. Pictures of nature scenes, such as forests, mountains, or beaches can create a serene and peaceful atmosphere. The soft sand beneath your feet, the warm glow of the setting sun, and the endless expanse of the ocean will transform your living space into an oasis of calm and bliss.

A earth toned living room has 5 canvas prints symmetrically arranged, each picture textures found in nature or are pictures of a person lost in nature scenes

3. Shapes and Textures

If you prefer a more modern and contemporary look, consider taking pictures of different textures and patterns of urban landscapes or geometric shapes. A modern style is characterized by clean lines, minimalist design, and an emphasis on sleek and current trends. Urban landscapes, with their mix of buildings, streets, and architectural elements, can bring a dynamic and urban vibe to your decor. Geometric shapes can also contribute to a contemporary aesthetic, providing a sense of structure and order. Hanging a large abstract canvas print, such as a 20x24 or 24x36, in your living room or entryway can make a statement.

Four Word Art Canvas Prints chosen for their summer or spring esthetic, and feature things like watermelon, plants, and playful messages.

4. Spring Inspired Word Art

Celebrate the season with seasonal Personalized Word Art prints. Choose from prints that feature springtime and summer themes. Personalize it by adding your family name, special dates, or meaningful quotes that hold significance to you. By incorporating customization, you can create a unique piece of art that adds a heartfelt touch to your seasonal decor.

A full room view of four canvas prints of vacation adventures, hung on the wall of a home with a southwestern motive.

5. Vacation Memories

A canvas print of your favorite spring memory is a great way to add a personal touch to your home decor. Hang a large canvas print in your living room or create a gallery wall with several smaller prints to relive that epic vacation everyday.

Whether you choose floral, landscape, abstract, or personal memories, canvas prints are an easy and affordable way to update your space. Browse our selection of canvas prints today to find the perfect canvas for your home.

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