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7 Ways to Turn Photos into a Unique Gift for Those You Love

Here are 7 Creative Photo Gifts from Canvas On Demand that will give them all the feels this Holiday!

7 Ways to Turn Photos into a Unique Gift for Those You Love article hero

The holiday season may feel like it's months away, but you'll be happy that you're planning ahead now. Gifts with meaning go a long way. It's never too early to find the perfect gift for someone you love. Plus, isn't it so fun to take the credit for being the best gift-giver of the season? Most of the time, anyone claiming that title did not rush out the day or week before the holidays. Thoughtful care and attention go into selecting gifts that family and friends adore. So, if you've ever wanted to be that person this holiday season - we've got you covered!

Pressure seems to build when shopping for someone you love. The sparkle of the holiday season may add a spotlight to the fears of getting it wrong. We'd love to tell you that you can't go wrong, it's the thought that counts. We won't. What we'll tell you is that thinking ahead counts for a lot. Get awesome gifts for your loved ones and save money, time, and stress this holiday season.

We're going to share a holiday gift list that will work for any special present. In the name of the season, these ones are bringing us a lot of holiday joy! Who's on your list of loved ones and friends? These ideas work for your nearest and dearest. Some also work for that co-worker whose name you drew for the secret gift exchange. Ok, you'll be ready for the season, so let's get to it.

Before and After Photo

A sister and brother use high-quality canvas prints to show off their then-and-now recreation.

Jump on this trend! It's early enough to coordinate, and it will be a memorable experience in itself. Is there a favorite photo that you and your friends or siblings laugh at? That's the photo pose to choose. This gift will definitely get you in the highly rated elites of best and thoughtful gift giving. You've got this, really. We also have some tips on capturing the pose yourself here that might help.

Highlight a Special Day

A wedding couple creates a personal Mr. and Mrs. Photo Collage Print.

Photo Collages Canvas Prints provide a versatile and unique way to share a special day. These days with all our images online, bringing them off the internet and into the real world is a gift that lasts through the ages. Display a special moment, a day you'll never forget, or photos of a meaningful place that you share with your family members and friends. This is like giving your loved one a step back in time, they relive the shared memory and will cherish the gift.

The Gift of Fun!

A holiday print Coloring Canvas lays on a table, all set to color with the markers around it.

Keep them busy this holiday season with the gift of an activity. This one turns out to be a great stress reliever - perhaps you'll want to do a lil' one for you, one for me treatment with this idea. Create art for your walls with Coloring Canvas. The piece is printed on high-quality canvas and mounted to a solid mat board frame. It's a sleek gift anyone would be pleased to receive. When the masterpiece is finished, the included hardware is used to easily hang it on the wall.

Share the Coveted Family Recipe

A Family Recipe index card turned into a Specialty Print gift for the holiday.

You know the one they're always asking for. The coveted family recipe. See how their eyes light up when they realize they finally hold the key to the family fortune - of good food, that is. This is a very personal gift, and it speaks to generations, young and old. A great way to honor age-old traditions is to pass them on, share them like stories and embrace the love of one another and of the season. You can also be grateful someone else will be bringing the shortbread next year. There are a lot of unique ways to share a family recipe. Getting it displayed on a specialty print will honor the most honored family recipe, like the heirloom it is.

Days Gone By

An Old Photo of Grandpa with his Granddaughter turned into a personalized Canvas Print gift.

Bring out the old polaroid and turn it into a gorgeous canvas print. This gift is a treat for the whole family when they see how grandma and grandpa used to carry on in the early days. The same idea applies to the cousin who favored hair bands and rocked the 80s style. This is the kind of memorabilia that makes art and some good cheer over the holidays. This idea is a special one, made more special by the time you spend looking through old photos and remembering loved ones as you select the perfect one. I suppose this one is also a gift for you.

Recreate Wedding Vows

Married couple memorializing their photo and vows on a Custom Canvas Print with a Floating Frame

When it comes to special moments and memorable days, the wedding vows on the wedding day are right at the top. A heartwarming idea is to share the memory recreated. Your loved ones may especially like this idea, particularly if you're celebrating an anniversary soon. Similar to the before and after, this is a moment you can recreate. Capture the feelings of the moment all over again. This is the kind of thing that works well for our best-seller, Canvas Prints.

Make The Space with Word Art

The Hutchins Family uses a seasonal Word Art design to personalize their family name and date.

We've got seasonal designs in our Word Art collection to make the holiday space sparkle. With a special message, words need not be spoken, everyone will know what the holidays mean for you with that special holiday phrase. So many options and many rooms and seasons to display them all in!

We know, we know, that's a lot of gift ideas. The great thing is there is something for everyone on your list, and we're working ahead of schedule to help you get your Canvas Prints home to you for the holidays. All you'll need to do is sit back and wait for all the accolades that come with the title of best gift-giver of the holidays! You've got your feet kicked up near a fireplace and a warm cuppa. You've got the time because you thought ahead. You deserve it!

Since 2003, Canvas On Demand has been crafting affordable, high quality, personalized home goods that celebrate life's moments, both big and small, through the permanence of print.

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