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Holiday Décor Styling Tips

The holidays are a fantastic time to celebrate love, family, and connection. This year, many families won’t be able to get together in person, which makes it even more important to celebrate the love we share.

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The holidays are a fantastic time to celebrate love, family, and connection. This year, many families won’t be able to get together in person, which makes it even more important to celebrate the love we share over the phone, from a distance, or through a video chat platform like Zoom.

Just because your house may not be as full as usual doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t bring in the holiday season the way you usually would, with decorations and plenty of family traditions. Decorating your home can bring a welcome dose of normalcy, which is especially important when times are so tumultuous. Ordering Christmas canvas paintings, displaying family photos, and bringing in plenty of seasonal greenery and art is a great way to make your home feel more celebratory.

Today, we’ll explore some ideas of how to style your home for the holiday season, with lots of beautiful personal touches and meaningful works of art.

Our Best Ideas for Seasonal Photo and Art Displays

Although trends change from year to year, the best Christmas displays have touches that reflect your personality. When you’re decorating your home, it’s nice to include plenty of photos, art, and other mementos that are significant to your family and friends.

With help with some of these tips from our experts, you can build a beautiful seasonal home without breaking the bank.

A framed canvas print of a family at a Christmas tree farm hanging over a sofa

1. Build Decorations Around a Few Big Pieces

It’s always exciting to buy new decorations, but it gets expensive quickly. To keep some of the fun of holiday shopping going year after year, invest in a few bigger pieces, then build every year’s décor around them. This could be anything from a beautiful Nativity scene, an heirloom menorah, or just a large Christmas canvas art print of your family from a past celebration. Then, add inexpensive touches like a wreath, fresh greenery, or new ornaments each year.

2. To Avoid Clutter, Hang Cards

If your family and friends exchange holiday cards, you’ll probably amass a respectable collection by January 1st. To display them without cluttering up every available surface in your home, hang them on your walls using twine and clothespins. It’s easy to add new ones whenever they come in, and they look lovely grouped together.

3. Make a Seasonal Zoom Background

If your family lives far away, chances are you’ll be doing plenty of Zoom get-togethers this holiday season. Instead of using a plain wall, create a seasonal Zoom background using holiday canvas art, family photos, or other holiday-themed items. That way, your family can see that even though you’re separated this year, the memories you share will always bring you together.

Holiday-themed, personalized word art hangs near a Christmas tree

4. Switch Up Personalized Word Art Seasonally

If you love to hang quotes and word art on your walls, consider changing it up with a seasonal variation for the holidays. At Canvas on Demand, you can choose from a variety of beautiful word art formats that can be personalized with any details you request. Since they’re so reasonably priced, it’s easy to rotate through a few favorites throughout the year.

Celebrate the Season with Christmas Canvas Art

This year, don’t make distance a factor in the celebrations that you have with friends and family. Even if you have to communicate through holiday cards, Zoom parties, and phone calls instead of gathering in person, you can still celebrate the holiday season with your loved ones.

If you’re still looking for a gift to send to a loved one, check out some of our gorgeous Christmas canvas art, made with your family photos. Anything we make is easy to pack and ship, making holiday presents a breeze. Shop our full collection online today.

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