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How To Hang Your Canvas Photo Print

People often assume that there’s some trick to learning how to hang a canvas, or that they’ll need special tools and materials to do it effectively.

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We may be biased, but we think that a canvas photo print is an unforgettable way to display treasured memories. Instead of using a basic frame you can buy from any store, getting an important photo printed on to a museum-quality piece of canvas shows that you’re serious about both preserving and displayed these memories long-term. Getting your first canvas print can quickly start a collection, as you realize that nothing else looks as good, or lasts as long!

Once your print has been delivered, the next step often gives people pause: hanging your canvas up. People often assume that there’s some trick to learning how to hang a canvas, or that they’ll need special tools and materials to do it effectively.

How To Hang Canvas Art: A Step-by-Step Guide

Thankfully, that couldn’t be further from the truth! If you shop at Canvas on Demand, we’ve made it easier than ever to hang our canvas art prints. To help you get started, here’s our step-by-step guide on how to hang your canvas art.

multiple canvas photo prints forming a gallery wall above a side table

First, pick your print

We get it, it's hard to choose just the right photo. It's a good thing that any photo looks amazing when printed on canvas due to it's slightly textured surface. To make things a bit easier while ordering we offer photo colorization options such as black and white and sepia tone. Choose from among a long list of canvas sizes available from the smallest at 8"x8" or all the way up to 32"x48".

Find the best location

Canvas prints work well on almost any wall of your home. Although our canvases are tightly constructed with a sealed finished back, making warping nearly impossible, they’re still vulnerable to excess humidity and light. Try to avoid hanging canvases in the bathroom, kitchen, or on any wall that gets a lot of continual, direct sunlight.

sawtooth hanger on the back of a canvas print

Collect your tools

All Canvas on Demand canvas pieces come with sawtooth hangers, which help ensure a smooth and easy installation. These sawtooth hangers are designed for use with either a nail or a small picture-hanging hook. Regardless of how you'll attach your art piece to the wall, you’ll need one nail or hook and nail per canvas, plus a hammer, measuring tape, level, and pencil.

Measure and mark

Once you’ve gathered your materials, have someone help you by holding the canvas in its designated spot on the wall. Use your measuring tape and pencil to make a mark on the wall directly above the center of the canvas.

Then, measure the distance between the top of the canvas, and the bottom of the sawtooth hanger. Once you have that measurement, tap your nail into the wall exactly that distance below the pencil mark you made earlier.

If you’re using a picture-hanging hook, make sure the bottom of your hook lines up with the sawtooth hanger.

person easily hanging a canvas photo print on their wall of a forest and lake

Hang and make adjustments

Place the sawtooth hanger gently on the nail or picture-hanging hook. Then, step back and look at your artwork. Does it look straight? If not, use a level and gently shift it until it’s completely straight. Your canvas should be nearly flush with the wall and should hang securely from the sawtooth hanger.

There! Wasn’t learning how to hang your canvas art easy?

Find More Resources on How to Hang a Canvas and Other Art at Canvas on Demand

If you’ve just purchased a new heirloom piece from Canvas on Demand and need to learn how to hang your canvas art, come visit our website. We’ve got tons of resources on picking the best art piece, the latest trends in home décor, and much more.

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