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“Just Because” Gifts for Your Mom: Personalized Canvas Prints

Mom is your go-to, just because. So, isn’t right now a good time to give her something, just because?

“Just Because” Gifts for Your Mom: Personalized Canvas Prints article hero

Surprising your mom with a personalized canvas print is one of the most special things you can do. It's more substantial than a simple photo print with all the sentimental impact of a shared memory. And the reaction you're likely to get will be well worth it.

She’s the first person you call when you need a favor. She is your emergency contact. She listens when things don’t go as planned, and when they go very well. Mom is your go-to, just because. So, isn’t right now a good time to give her something, just because?  

No need to wait for her birthday or Mother’s Day. Any day is perfect to show your love. She's been there you're entire life, after all. Whether it's a personalized canvas with her favorite photo, a stunning photo collage, or something else, there are tons of ways to say thanks, just because.

Canvas prints of a Mother and son playing with bubbles.

Why Choose a Canvas Print for Mom?

It's personalized! Printing cherished memories makes them more permanent. By taking your most loved family photos and having them printed onto high-quality canvas, you give your mom the opportunity to live the memory again and again, every day. And unlike buying a "We [heart] Mom" coffee mug, a personalized canvas is a one-of-a-kind artwork for your family home wall.

Customizing a canvas print is that layer of love and thoughtfulness that moms treasure the most. This is your chance to curate a photograph or piece of art that resonates with your mom’s personal style, her interests, and her memories. Canvas prints have the power to take her back to that favorite family vacation or remind her of all the joys you have shared together as a family.

It's phenomenal what emotions can be stirred with a personalized print. Just one look could transport your mom to that moment, filling her heart with warmth and nostalgia.

Canvas prints of a family newborn photo shoot hung on a white wall

3 Reasons Canvas Gifts for Mom Should be Top of Your List

You may have your own reasons for gifting mom a unique canvas print, but here are the top 3 reasons that made our list.

  1. Giving something unique shows how thoughtful you are

A canvas print gives you the opportunity to create a gift that is tailored to mom’s tastes and preferences. This isn’t a run-of-the-mill store gift, but something you have put thought behind, and it will show. After all, it’s the thought (and love) that counts.

  1. They’re full of sentimental value

More than a pretty picture, canvas prints are an opportunity to revisit and relive beautiful memories. The picture you choose could be a reminder of a significant moment in your lives or represent an inside joke. Whatever it is, it is bound to be cherished as much as the memory itself.

  1. They create a lasting impression

 A personalized canvas print isn’t the kind of gift that gets put in a drawer and forgotten. This is the gift that will go on the wall, displayed front and center where everyone can see and admire it. A canvas print truly is a lasting reminder of your love for your mom.

A wooden framed canvas of daughter and her baby-brother

Best Ideas for a Personalized Canvas for Mom

When it comes to creating that one-of-a-kind gift for mom, the possibilities for print are endless. Here are just a few of our favorite canvas print ideas for you to try.

A Timeless Choice: A family portrait

This is the classic canvas print idea. Moms love seeing the whole family together. Take it one step further and gift mom a series of family portraits showing how the family has grown over the years. You may need to have a good dig around in those old family photos, but the result will be worth it.

Multiple canvases of parents with members of their family

An inspirational quote

You know mom best. You may have seen a quote somewhere that you just knew she would love. A thoughtful or funny quote on canvas, depending on mom’s tastes, will go a long way in showing how much you care. Have a go with the Word Art collection on Canvas Prints on Demand. Bonus! These are customizable with your own text!

A collage of memories

Can't decide on one picture? Go for a collage of all your favorite moments. You don’t need to restrict yourself when it comes to giving mom the perfect just-because gift. Make it a collage with all your favorites. A collage canvas can also become an annual gift that mom looks forward to adding to her collection.

Generational photo of Grandmother, mother, and daughter printed onto canvas that's sitting on a shelf.

How to Get Started with a Personalized Canvas for Mom

This is the easy part! Hop on to Canvas on Demand, and put together your just-because print for mom. Or why not create a few? There's plenty of canvas deals so you can print all of your favorite photos without breaking the bank. You can do everything online, place your picture, choose your color, style, or design. Once you are done customizing, click order, and count the days to seeing mom’s reaction to your wonderful little, or big, surprise.




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